It starts with a conversation.

Too much debt? Poor credit? Should you file bankruptcy? No idea how to manage your money? We're here to help.

No more powerlessness, no more despair, no more blame, no more shame. Start with a beginner’s mind and a clear heart, and set your focus on a new life beginning today. 

We are here to inspire you to change the way you think about money so you can master your money and master your life. 


Your Financial Revolution starts at the kitchen table.

Your Financial Revolution starts at the kitchen table.

Kitchen Table Summit

You cannot manage what you cannot see. The biggest obstacle to improving our Life Money circumstance is not clearly seeing our situation. This is often the result of fear or false optimism. “If I just don’t look at it, it will all go away.” Right? 

Try another way. Have a kitchen table summit. Be courageous. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. We can help. Schedule a consultation and begin taking the first step toward resolving your debt, improving your credit or just feeling more confident with how you manage your money. 


Our Services

The Life Money Center is here to give you the necessary tools for attaining Life Money mastery whether you have an unmanageable debt problem, are under the threat of foreclosure, being hounded or sued by creditors or just want to feel more confident about the way you are managing your finances.


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Our Mission and Purpose

The Life Money Center helps people struggling with unmanageable debt, poor credit and other forms of financial distress find hope and a renewed sense of purpose in their lives.


Weekly Blog

You may have heard Frank Sinatra singing the Sammy Cahn/Jimmy Van Heusen song “Love and Marriage”? The first verse goes like this:

“Love and marriage, love and marriage

Go together like a horse and carriage

This I tell you brother

You can’t have one without the other”

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Our Practice

We offer a free, no strings attached in-depth financial consultation. Our first goal is to bring clarity and calm to an otherwise frightening and confusing situation. If we have done our job our client will have a much clearer idea of the real nature of their financial predicament and at least two viable solutions that can effectively resolve the challenge.


"Life Money Mastery really means placing money management at the service of our total experience as a human being and in the context of our whole life. Some of my favorite people are accountants, but I do not want to treat my life as an accounting problem. I want to live a full and rich life. I want this for you as well. That is our journey. Come join us."

— Stephen Daney, Founder of The Life Money Center

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We take whole person approach to money management because it is never just about the money; it is about your life.