Our  Mission and Purpose


Money is a symbol of what we care about and value, not an end in itself. It has no intrinsic value but makes much of what makes life worth living possible. Understood this way money should serve to enhance, ennoble and enrich our interactions with others in our shared life on this beautiful blue earth.  And it can.

But for many, money is a source of anxiety, embarrassment, addiction and despair. 

When we spend most of our time worrying and working only to pay last month’s bills we are not at our best and we are not fully alive. 

The Life Money Center is dedicated to liberating this vital human energy through attention, clarity, courageous self-exploration, wise planning and discipline in all matters relating to personal finance. We will guide, counsel and walk with each person who comes to us asking for help as they take the first step toward a more free, financially aware and purposeful life.

To this end we will work tirelessly to support and encourage all people seeking our assistance to develop a life-affirming relationship with money.  

We offer services that effectively address overwhelming debt, including federal student loan relief, credit education and repair, and bankruptcy counseling. 

The heart of our work is a desire to inspire and teach a healthy, attentive and joyful approach to household financial management, regardless of which service most suits our clients needs. So, finally, with our Life/Money Mastery Program we focus directly, in a very personal way, on developing the skills necessary to attain Life/Money Mastery.