Services We Offer


Debt Negotiation

Debt Negotiation is an effective and aggressive debt reduction strategy for individuals and families with a qualifying hardship. This is the fastest and cheapest debt reduction strategy available but has some challenges that need to be taken into account before embarking on this plan of action. Qualifying participants can expect the amount of debt they repay to be reduced from 20% to 60% depending on the amount of debt and the type of creditor.

Consumer credit counseling

Working with a credit counselor is another way of organizing your debt. If you qualify for this service, we will set you up on a debt management plan (DMP). This plan allows you to make one monthly payment and we will distribute payments to your creditors. 

Credit education and repair

Poor credit will prevent you from getting the best loan rates costing you thousands of dollars in added interest. Many people think they just have to wait for years to see their credit scores improve but that is not necessarily the case. We employ strategies that can accelerate the repair and improvement of your credit rating.  

student loan consolidation

Student loan debt can be overwhelming. We prepare documents for submission to the Department of Education that consolidate your loans under programs that can reduce your monthly payment significantly and may reduce the total amount you repay. 

bankruptcy counseling

Preliminary assessment to determine if bankruptcy is option worth considering.

Life money mastery

How we think about and manage money has a direct bearing on our overall quality of life.  Poor financial management and conflicted attitudes about money will tend to  leave us with no clear path toward attaining our life goals and reaching a sense of fulfillment. 

Our Life Money Mastery Program focuses on two aspects of financial proficiency. First, the basic knowledge and skills required to manage and monitor money as it flows in and out during the course of the days and weeks of the month. These skills allow you to observe, organize and record your financial transactions and, most importantly, analyze that information in a meaningful way. The second aspect is “Financial Wellness” or, what we call, “Life Money Mastery”.