I completely trust your knowledge and assistance.
I cannot tell you the magnitude of my appreciation for you and your team. You are a godsend to your clients.    

You guys will be rewarded in heaven.
Until I need you again.....
Thank You
— Connie R.

Happy Clients


Dear Mr. Daney,

      The Outstanding work performed by your team on my account  was nothing short of Brilliant!! There are not enough words to express my sincere gratitude for the work this man has done for me! It's been a long time since I had a rest-full sleep, since my Wife, Loretta Had her Heart Attack.

My sincere Thanks and Appreciation for the work your team has done for me and My Family!!                                                               

With My Deepest Respect,

-Ronald M.

Wow! I am still overwhelmed by what your team was able to accomplish on my behalf. I was practically speechless last evening, but I want to thank you so much for settling the AMEX bill. It has been hanging over my head so much because it is the largest and because of the whole legal thing. What a way to start the settlements off! Thank you! 

— Pat S.

You have know idea how excited I am, you have made such a difference in my Life, Thank You so much from the bottom of my Heart.......

— Jen j.

My husband and I have been with your company soon to be two years in March.  We were in debt a lot and didn’t know which way to turn until I looked in the phone book and set up an appointment with your consultant and she started us in their program.  We owed ten creditors and now have gotten those down to four or five.  It’s a relief to our nerves and our lives to know something is being done to get us out of debt.  It’s a good company to work with and they are good to work with you on setting up and getting you into your own payment plan each month.  They will work with you and helping getting you debt free, a huge load will be lifted off your shoulder.  This is something that is much easier done with them than to try to do this on our own.  Never again will we ever get into debt like this again.  We use no credit cards, so if we want something and don’t have the extra cash we just don’t buy it.  We now save for it.  They will talk to your creditors and reduce or eliminate all those pesty creditors calling all day and night.  Your consultant will work with you and make you feel comfortable in getting you started on a program that is right for you.  I think you will be as happy as we are with them.  

— Janet W.